Arad International Airport (ARW)

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Arad International Airport is located 4 km (2.5 mi) west of Arad, in western Romania, in the historical region of Crișana. The airport is located only 60 km (37 mi) north of Timişoara Airport. Arad International Airport also has a cargo terminal, the largest and most modern in western Romania. It is located 250 km from Budapest and 300 km from Belgrade. It is located near the border with Hungary, only 30 km from the closest point for crossing the border - Turnu and 20 km away from the closest railway point for crossing the border - Curtici. The airport also serves as the SMURD regional air ambulance base for the five western counties that form the region. SMURD Arad operates 1 Eurocopter EC135 converted for the air ambulance role. Arad Airport is directly connected to the A1 motorway, one of the most important and heavily used motorways in Romania.

Airport Information
NameArad International Airport
Elevation (feet)352
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