Congonhas Airport (CGH)

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São Paulo/Congonhas–Deputado Freitas Nobre Airport Portuguese pronunciation: [kõˈɡõɲɐs] is one of the four commercial airports serving São Paulo, Brazil. The airport is named after the neighborhood where it is located, called Vila Congonhas, property of the descendants of Lucas Antônio Monteiro de Barros (1767–1851), Viscount of Congonhas do Campo, first president of the province of São Paulo after the independence of Brazil in 1822, during the Empire. In turn, the Viscount's domain was named after the plural of a shrub known in Brazil as congonha-do-campo. Since June 19, 2017, it is officially named after Deputy José Freitas Nobre. The name Congonhas, however, remains mostly used. It is owned by the City of São Paulo.

Airport Information
NameCongonhas Airport
CitySão Paulo
Elevation (feet)2631
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