Daşoguz Airport (TAZ)

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Dashoguz International Airport is a major airport in Daşoguz Region, Turkmenistan located 15 km southwest of Daşoguz. The airport mostly serves scheduled domestic destinations. The airport's capacity is 400 people per hour. The airport services airliners and helicopters of all sizes, including planes as large as the Boeing 747, and the Il-96. Its ICAO category is 4E, all weather condition ICAO CAT1. Airport have 24/7 ATC operations and 10 parking places for planes.

Airport Information
NameDaşoguz Airport
Elevation (feet)272
WikipediaWikipedia link
KeywordsTashauz Airport, Dashkhovuz, Dashhowuz, Dashoguz, Dasoguz, Дашогуз

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