Flinders Island Airport (FLS)

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Flinders Island Airport is a small regional airport located 2 nautical miles northwest of Whitemark on Flinders Island off the north-east coast of Tasmania, Australia. The airport is owned and operated by the Flinders Council. The airport site has a total area of approximately 134 hectares. Access to the airport is off Palana Road. The primary aviation facilities at Flinders Island Airport consist of two sealed runways, a sealed taxiway, a sealed apron, a grassed apron and a fuel storage facility. Adjacent to the sealed apron is a passenger terminal building with an associated car parking area. There is only one small hangar on the site at present. The primary use of Flinders Island Airport is for Regular Public Transport (RPT) services operated by Sharp Airlines which offers services to and from Melbourne and Launceston. The airport is also used for charter and freight services, emergency services and private/recreational flying.

Airport Information
NameFlinders Island Airport
CityFlinders Island
Elevation (feet)10
WikipediaWikipedia link

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