Karel Sadsuitubun Airport (LUV)

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Karel Sadsuitubun Airport is located in Kai Islands, Southeast Maluku Regency, Maluku, Indonesia. It has replaced the old Dumatubin Airport which is now used only by the Indonesian Air Force. It serves both the city of Tual and the Langgur. The airport is named after Karel Satsuit Tubun (1928–1965), who is a National Hero of Indonesia. The airport serves as the point of entry to Kai Islands, which contains many tourist spots such as unspoiled beaches. Construction of the airport started in 2006 and after extensive delay, it was completed in 2013. The airport was inaugurated by former Minister of Transportation, Ignasius Jonan on Friday 19 December 2014. The inauguration was held simultaneously, in conjunction with the inauguration of 20 ports and 10 airports across Indonesia. The airport began operation on Monday, 24 February 2014, characterized by first landing aircraft of the airline Trigana Air.

Airport Information
NameKarel Sadsuitubun Airport
Elevation (feet)78
WikipediaWikipedia link
KeywordsTual Baru

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