Piedras Negras International Airport (PDS)

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Piedras Negras International Airport is an international airport located in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, near the Mexico–United States border. It serves domestic flights within Mexico for the Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras binational metropolitan area, the northern Coahuila region and Southern Texas. It also supports cargo operations, as well as executive and general aviation activities. Passengers traveling to destinations in the United States typically utilize the larger San Antonio International Airport. Piedras Negras Airport is operated by Administradora Coahuilense de Infraestructura y Transporte Aéreo, a state-owned operator. It handled 24,170 passengers in 2019, and 9,481 passengers in 2020.

Airport Information
NamePiedras Negras International Airport
CityPiedras Negras
Elevation (feet)901
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