Ponciano Arriaga International Airport (SLP)

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San Luis Potosí International Airport, (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de San Luis Potosí); officially Aeropuerto Internacional Ponciano Arriaga (Ponciano Arriaga International Airport) (IATA: SLP, ICAO: MMSP) is an international airport located in the municipality of San Luis Potosí, within the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. It serves the Greater San Luis Potosi Metropolitan Area. In addition to national and international passenger traffic, San Luis Potosí Airport accommodates logistics and courier companies as well as industries involved in auto parts, steel, textiles, and furniture. Since 2005 it has served as the cargo airline Estafeta's main hub.

Airport Information
NamePonciano Arriaga International Airport
CitySan Luis Potosí
Elevation (feet)6035
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